Joe Aflalo - Lead Vocals

Joe Aflalo brings his soul and dance music to paradise, ready for you to get your boogie down...  Performing in various dance bands, Joe has a wide range of musical styles from Steppenwolf to Tommy Tutone and from Santana to Sinatra.  Originally from Washington D.C., Joe has has brought his dynamic vocal style to South Florida and BAU.  His unique style of getting the audience involved as well as his infectious personality always insures that everyone partying with BAU has a memorable evening.  Sit back and relax or join in the party. Either way, you and yours will always have a great time with Joe and Business As Usual.

Danielle Alexander - Lead Vocals

Danielle Alexander is a dynamic performer with powerhouse soulful vocals who is always performing and working on material.

She was born in South Florida and has been singing, dancing, and acting since the age of 5.  Danielle’s vocal style can be described as a mix of Sade's jazzy tone, Etta James' edge and sass, and the warmth of Adele.  Her highly energetic performances have folks calling her “The Energizer Bunny” and “The Firecracker”.  Needless to say, music is everything to this dynamic performer who is continuously striving to top each performance she gives.

She's a crowd pleaser and an awesome talent!


Mike McCurdy - Keys/Synth/Backup Vocals


Mike McCurdy, a.k.a. “Irishmac”, has been behind his keyboards for over 40 years.  Born in Washington D.C., he was kidnapped at a young age by a group of rogue Leprechauns belonging to a religious sect built around R&B music.  Raised in an Irish Pub, he spent his days listening to B.B., Otis, Sam, J.B. and a host of others, and his nights trying to pay them the homage they were due.  To keep himself fed and in vinyl he played throughout the Metro D.C. and Baltimore areas with many successful bands including Reflections, Rainbow, Rio, Goldrush, and Superstition.

Since moving to South Florida in 1985 he has continued to provide his unique style of driving R&B keyboards and soulful vocals for the acclaimed Rolling Stones Tribute Show "Let's Spend The Night Together", Moonlight Thief, The Lu White Band, Johnny Lyles Jr., Edj, Nightwatch, Flashback, Back In Time, Fatt Soop and Hot Wax.  Happily crankin' out the tunes with Business As Usual he's punching out good time dance music.  He swears, that contrary to rumor and gossip, he no longer hangs with the Leprechauns but, he will admit, after a taste or two of the Dew, to tearing up every time he hears “Danny Boy”!

Wilson Lopez - Guitar

Wilson, a.k.a. "The Wilman", was brought up on Soul R & B in Northern part of New Jersey, when he started playing Guitar in the early 80's fell in love with the Signature licks of the guitarists like Tony Iommi, Ace Frehley, Ritchie Blackmore, Carlos Santana but also loved the stilying of Nile Rogers, so when he started playing professionally in the mid 80's he incorporated all of his influences, Played with his first band CRAZYNESS mainly played very heavy metal, at the same time had a Pop band called EXODUS that played a lot of Lounges, Weddings and Private Parties Mainly Atlantic City Casinos. During the 90's he had a taste for Latin music and joined a band that had Grande Combo styling's of Salsa and Meringue, playing Bongos and Congas so rhythm is no stranger to him, had a few opportunities to play with some big names, had an offer from Chris de Burgh to tour but Family obligations keep him here and made him take a break from music for a while, now he is back and ready to Funk and Rock his way into your heart

Jason Alexander - Guitar, Sax and Backup Vocals

Jason Alexander’s unique musical abilities allow him to perform top notch material on guitar and sax.  Jason started playing at the age of 10 when his mother bought him his first fire red guitar for Christmas. Known as “The Quiet Good Ole’ Boy from Maine” he is a man of few words (but super funny once you open him up a bit). He moved to South Florida at age 20 and continued his studies at Palm Beach State College.  His main influences are Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Santana, Charlie Parker, and John Coltrane.

Rick Trull - Bass

Rick started studying classical guitar at age eight, switched to bass at 14.  Toured with pop and country bands in the Northeast, opening for John Anderson, Charlie Daniels, Ronnie Milsap and Highway 101.  Played bass on live gigs for David Frizzell and Margo Smith. Here in South Florida Rick is known for his work with many area bands including Perfect Strangers and Vintage Groove. His spot-on bass lines and rock solid playing form the foundation for Business As Usual’s rhythm section.

Guy Abaldo - Drums

Guy Abaldo has been playing drums since he was knee-high to a tom-tom.  He's rock-solid in the pocket and anchors the sometimes rowdy, always funky Business As Usual crew. Guy is a quiet, deep thinker, a man of few words. When he was told what he had to say would be put on the band's webpage, he said, "Okay, you can quote me" and then left the studio.